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Why choose Jazzmine Thomas as your Investment Advisor

Hi, my name is Jazzmine Thomas. I am a licensed securities investment advisor who focuses on supporting my clients through many aspects of their financial life.


I have been serving clients’ financial needs for close to a decade specializing in retirement planning, annuities, and other investment strategies. My goal is to empower every client by providing them with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions.


When I was a child, I was raised by a single mom who worked multiple jobs and still lived paycheck to paycheck. She was never taught how to manage money by an actual advisor because her net worth and income did not qualify her to sit down with some of the larger company’s advisors. Her only advice in regards to retirement planning came from an HR representative at her job that doesn’t have sufficient training or a  financial background that would adequately set her up with a sound financial plan. As I got older, I realized how many other women and men lacked the ability to truly learn about financial strategies. I decided that I wanted to change that.  So I took the time to learn finances in order to impact more people that share similar backgrounds as I do. I truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in their own financial future regardless of their gender, race, or socioeconomic background.

Your Relationship – Doing what’s best for you. As a fiduciary, your advisor is bound to do what’s in YOUR best interest. We do that with the tools and resources to make staying on top of your finances simple and easy.

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