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Empowering the everyday family

Founder of Top Shelf Financial DeVonte Thomas comes from an 11-year background in financial services. Devonte Thomas’s passion for financial services came very early entering the financial sector, due to the untimely passing of his late mother Stacey Thomas, at the age of fifteen DeVonte saw the tough impact of his mother having inadequate life insurance with two other siblings this presented great challenges as there is a business side to the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, DeVonte’s Father was in a strong financial position to alleviate the financial stress that was inherited; however, DeVonte fully understands how circumstances could have been drastically different.

“ When I started my career in life insurance and retirement planning, I looked at every family I sat with through the lens of never wanting their loved ones to be financially burdened due to a lack of financial planning. It was the highest priority to assure families were properly protected and also their retirement accounts were secure, therefore they could retire well, at the end of their career.” ~ Devonte Thomas

During the course of eleven years, Devonte Thomas has been able to gain a great amount of knowledge and perspective in assisting the everyday American with the complexities of finances, ranging from life insurance up to insurance retirement plans. At the core of his philosophy he believes serving families’ needs, and educating them properly is Absolute.

DeVonte Thomas has trained many agents in the industry and also been effective with working with Advanced markets in retirement strategies.


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