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Working in the medical field, I wanted to take the best route with my retirement, I knew growing my portfolio is important but having account protection against the stock market losses was appealing to me. As an alternative to my 401(k) Jazzmine showed and structured an Insurance account that gives me a chance at growth, but safety when the stock market is down.

Keshia Johnson

Career: Medical industry
With having young kids, giving them an abundance of opportunities is my top priority as a mother, when I sat with Jazzmine Thomas, she assisted me in making sure that priority remains firm, by having accounts that serve college education for my kids, and also life Insurance if I were to pass away, my kids would inherit a financial legacy. By doing this at a younger age, fortunately, I was able to obtain great rates!  P.S amazing customer service!!

Jessica Beamon

Career: NON Profit
I knew to accomplish my financial goals, I needed to work with a smart and sophisticated investment advisor. Jazzmine has been there to show me what’s possible by taking investments seriously at an early age in my working career.

David Matamoros

Automobile industry
Working with the firm Top shelf Financial & Devonte Thomas has been a great pleasure, by having DeVonte layout a road map, to accomplish my long-term retirement goals has taken out the complexity of financial planning by myself. Having my financial professionals keep in touch with me consistently has shown me, their commitment to my financial success, which have contributed greatly to my peace of mind.

Oscar Guillen

Career: Transportation
DeVonte and Jazzmine were a huge help in guiding me with my retirement portfolios, DeVonte gave me peace of mind with structuring accounts that would give me protection from possible financial losses, but also growth potential; Moreover, I’m also getting help with having my investments being actively managed by Jazzmine as well.

Terry White

Career: Respiratory Therapist
Devonte and his financial firm have been assisting me and my wife Nicoline for the last four years, with our Life Insurance needs. Understanding the negative impact of having no life Insurance when a loved one passes away, is something no family should experience, so when working with DeVonte he was able to get us insured at an affordable premium.

Dr. Nicoline Ambe & Tim Franklin

Career: Security & Health Education.